04 February 2010

Slow Days at the Educated Burgher (but Fast Days for Us!)

As you may have heard elsewhere, Nana and I have been offered a job at an international school in Fukuoka, Japan for next year. So barring any (more) unforeseen problems, it looks like we're off to Japan in August!

In the meantime, though, we've been having a little trouble with our PA teacher certification, so over the next couple weeks we'll be taking some last-minute online classes through the University of Phoenix (which, by the way, has so far earned its reputation for user-friendliness). This means that we'll be juggling 20+ hours of extra work each week, on top of our University of Edinburgh obligations.

In other words, EdBurgher posts will probably be a little thin on the ground through the rest of the month, both because we won't have much time to write them and because we won't have much time to do anything worth writing about! We have a couple Malta posts still in the bag, plus a post on a whiskey distillery tour, which should be enough to get us to March.