26 August 2009

Sightseeing: Calton Hill, Edinburgh

A few days ago, just before our Fringe debut, Nana and I found ourselves at the foot of Calton Hill with a good forty minutes to spare, so we decided to have a little walk up and look around.

Calton Hill is one of three major hills in the Edinburgh area, the other two being Arthur's Seat and the Castle Rock. All three are remnants of ancient volanoes, worn down by glaciers. Of the three, Calton Hill is probably the favorite of photographers, artists, and casual walkers: the high meadows of its easy summit offer 360-degree views of the Firth of Forth, the New Town, the Castle, the Old Town, and Arthur's Seat.

It is also, like most hills in Europe, overrun by Germans.

Below are some shots taken from the top of Calton Hill. Unfortunately, the shots of New Town and Old Town washed out with the western sun behind them.

Looking north to the Firth of Forth (say that ten times fast), with the Leith area in the foreground:
Two shots of Edinburgh's infamous National Monument to those lost in the Napoleonic Wars:
(I say infamous because legend has it that the monument was supposed to be a complete replica of the Parthenon, but for lack of funding and political will, the replica was never completed, and still looks a bit unfinished and overgrown today.)
Some shots of us with Arthur's Seat in the background:
Arthur's Seat on its own, with Holyrood Palace, the official residence of the royal family in Scotland, in the left foreground, and the Dynamic Earth exhibition to the right:

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  1. That place looks really awesome. Keep the pictures coming!