14 September 2009

What's up with the rainbows?

The Scottish are, by their own admission, obsessed with the weather. They say that it's because the weather changes every ten minutes, but there's a lot of truth behind the joke.

The upshot of all this is, of course, a profusion of rainbows. Almost any time there's sun where you are, it's bound to be raining somewhere nearby. I think we've seen more rainbows in the past three weeks than we've seen in the previous three years.

I already posted about an unexpected rainbow gracing nearby Arthur's Seat. On our recent trip to the Highlands, we averaged (with absolutely no exaggeration whatsoever) one rainbow per day.

Here's a rainbow welcoming us to our B&B in Inverness.

Another kicking off our Skye tour (this one's a little harder to see, but it's a complete arc--pretty cool).And a third, perhaps the most impressive, viewed across the Cromarty Firth on our little loop around the Black Isle.

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