26 October 2009

Pumpkin Carving (on the RIGHT blog this time!)

(Accidentally posted this on our old Korea blog. Now, everything's in its right place.)

Still not sure what Halloween is going to be like here--they're selling costumes (aka, "fancy dress") and pumpkins, but I haven't heard anything about trick-or-treat, and I haven't been able to find apple cider anywhere!

For our part, Nana and I gathered a motley crew together in the garden behind our apartment for some pumpkin carving today. Several of our guests had never carved a pumpkin before, and I am glad to say that, nonetheless, every one of our guests left with ten fingers and one fully-functioning jack-o-lantern.

Of course, we celebrated our successful carvings chowing down on roasted pumpkin seeds.

Here are some pics.

Shelley gets to work.

Nana gets stabby.

Eatin' seeds.


  1. Can I guess Nana's is the one with the square tooth???


  2. That's totally mine! How did you know? Do I always do that, or is it just that I'm standing in front of it in the one kitchen picture?