23 January 2010

Classic Car Show in Valletta, Malta

On our last afternoon in Malta, Nana and I stumbled into a classic car show in Valletta. Anyone out there want to help me identify these cars? (Herr K, I'm looking in your direction.) You can click any photo to enlarge.


  1. The white one, with the license plate MGA, is, well, an MGA. It's a British car, mostly from the 50s. It's my favorite make of MG! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MG_MGA

  2. The first is an Austin A35 from the 1950's/60's. The next is a Morris Minor,not sure about the next two but the little silver one is a Simca,JAF 798 is another Morris Minor, next a MK1 Ford Cortina, the bike is a Cossack, the next looks like a Ford V8 Pilot?? Next is an SWB Land Rover, the next is a lovely Austin Healey 100BN, you know the next, an MG MGA. Next is a Fiat 500 then an early Morris Minor convertible, next is definitely an Alfa Romeo but not sure of the model and lastly is a Triumph Herald. Hope that helps!!