25 April 2010

Scone Palace: A Tragic Love Story

Yesterday, Justin and I took a day trip to Perth. (No, not THAT Perth, the OTHER Perth. The original one.) It doesn't quite make up for losing Athens, but it was the best we could do on short notice.

We visited historic Scone Palace (pronounced "Skoon Palace") and being colossal dorks, we will, of course, have extensive historical posts coming along shortly. However, after my recent dweebifesto on libraries, I thought it might behoove me to seek a less academic topic to give us all a break.

Thus, I present to you: Scone Palace: A Tragic Love Story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl in the gardens at Scone Palace.

The gardens at Scone Palace are almost painfully upper class. First, it's the site of the Central Scotland International Horse Trials. Second they're full of oh-so-British fauna:


The girl's joy at the sight of the birds displeased a wicked enchanter with a suspiciously large wand.

He placed a curse on the girl that made her believe she was a peacock. The girl obligingly set out to win the heart of a local hero:

But alas! He was more interested in other women:

The girl's heart was broken.

The magician found all of this very amusing.

And so the girl was cursed to wander the gardens of Scone Palace forever, squawking obnoxiously and begging for snacks from tourists. Oh! The tragedy!

(Come on. This makes at least as much sense as Swan Lake. I mean, did you ever READ that story?)

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