20 April 2010

Volcano Madness Follow-Up: Adieu, Athens . . .

Well, just minutes after our previous post, Nana and I learned that we'd been bumped from our Friday flights (or our flights had been rescheduled for next week . . . or something . . . not quite sure, it's been complete chaos over here), so the Greece trip is off. Thankfully, we were able to give up our seats and apply the cost of the ticket towards a future flight--in this case, from Edinburgh to Fukuoka in August.

Since we get reimbursed for that one by our new employers, we've basically gotten out of this whole mess for the cost of about three hours on the phone. (And, of course, the cost of a much-anticipated visit with a good friend.) Considering that there are folks out there who've lost thousands of dollars and nearly a week (and counting) of travel time, I think we've done pretty well.

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