22 May 2010

Scottish scenery

Justin and I usually focus on pictures of us. Partly, that's because we have grandmas reading this blog, and they're more interested in pictures of us than in pictures of scenery that you could find anywhere. It's also because I'm vain. In any case, I realized we had some nice scenic shots we hadn't shared. Photo credit on just about all of these goes to Justin. I'm pretty sure we haven't posted any of these before, but my apologies if it's a repeat.

Sunrise from Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh, October 2009

Snow on Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, January 2010

View from Mar's Wark, Stirling, December 2009

Mountains, possibly Trossachs, from Stirling, December 2009

Sunset from Stirling Castle, December 2009

Meadows park, Edinburgh, May 2010.

Highlands, September '09

Rainbow over Inverness, September '09

Edinburgh Old Town from Calton Hill, August '09

Sunset on Arthur's Seat, May 2010 (Photo credit - friend Anne Marie)

Hope you enjoyed!

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