29 July 2010

Farewell, Edinburgh--and, Keeping the Educated Burgher in Japan

Well, the time has come: Nana and I are frantically packing up our flat and saying our goodbyes. We don't actually fly out until Sunday morning, but between now and then we have to move out, shop, pack, and squeeze in every possible minute with the friends we've made this year.

We do have a few more Scotland stories to post, however, which we hope to put up during the first few weeks of our time in Japan.

We've also decided to keep the Educated Burgher indefinitely, turning it into a more general blog that will follow us wherever we go. This will also allow us to mix posts about prior experiences in with the new. Eventually, we hope to import our Korea blog, School of ROK, so you can follow all our adventures right here at the Educated Burgher.

We figure, hey, we're both educated, we're both educators, and we're both Burghers (ie, Pittsburghers).

So! So long for now--and the next time you hear from us, we'll be in Japan!

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  1. Good luck with the packing, a save trip, and a great start in Japan!! All the best from Austria....