21 August 2009


As of 11:30 AM Greenwich time, Justin and I are the proud new tenants of our very own one-bedroom flat! It has great daylight, at least as much as any place here will. The building is old, so it has nice architectural detail: window seat, fancy moldings around the windows and the chandelier base, built-in shelves, and wooden floors. It also has some nice new features, like double-glazed windows and gas radiators in every room, including the hallway. We have a bathtub, which I suspect will save my life in February, and the building has a back garden.

We will not have internet after this morning. We can come into the university library and use the computers here, but unfortunately we'll have to hold off on pictures until our own laptops are online. This could be a while. But I'll try not to forget to put up a virtual tour sometime.

Things going well today: signed for the flat, weather is beautiful (so far!), visited and liked the flat as much as we did when we first saw it, flat includes George Foreman grill left by previous tenant, lunch at the ridiculously tasty and inexpensive mosque cafeteria

Things not going so well today: Mysterious e-mail from shipper claiming inadequate customs forms (why is this stuff never simple?), bags still at B&B awaiting shlepping, strange green growth in bottom of new apartment freezer, which was supposed to be cleaned out but was not.

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