18 August 2009

Safely in Edinburgh

We arrived in Edinburgh around midday today after three thankfully uneventful flights. The bus ride from the airport was a little more eventful--we had to cram all our bags into what turned out to be a local bus, not an airport shuttle, then make a transfer in a brief rain shower--but by about 3pm we were settled in at Pringles Ingle in the Morningside neighborhood south of the city centre. (Yes. I'm going to type it "centre" now. I'm pretty sure our profs will expect it.)

Despite the jet lag, it's been a very pleasant evening--a long stroll around the Meadows park, some good pizza, and some last-minute finagling of our apartment viewing schedule.

And as you can tell, our rented 3G wireless modem is working like a charm! Expect a post about that (and about our rented mobile phone) sometime in the next few days.

In the meantime, wish us luck searching for our flat!


  1. SURPRISE! Consider this a blog-warming comment! I am watching you, even if I am sometimes too busy to sleep or eat.