30 January 2010

Malta: Where Everybody Knows Your (House's) Name

In Malta and Gozo, they name their houses. I'm not sure if this is a borrowing from the UK, where many jurisdictions use house or estate names instead of numbered street addresses, or if it predates British influence. But whereas in my experience the practice normally applies to standalone structures in the UK, in Malta even townhouses and semi-detached homes are named.

Usually, the names are displayed on pretty little ceramic plaques near the front door. Many of the names reflect Malta's Catholic heritage; others reflect its popularity among second-home owners from elsewhere in Europe.

The style of the house-name plaques has also been picked up for street signs and other public signage, which has the doubly pleasant effect of making them less obtrusive and much nicer to look at.

(Stick No Bills)


("Cathedral Plaza")
(Probably a family name? "Of the" Arlekkins?)

("The Merrill")

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