08 January 2010

The Maltese Blog Post

I have a few minutes at an internet cafe here (Justin and I could not resist checking our e-mail in case we had any job offers... so far nothing is settled but we'll keep you posted). Anyway, being me, I could not resist the thought of having an entry on our blog posted from Malta.

The weather has been gorgeous and the history very interesting. We have the Heritage Malta pass which gives us access to all of their sites (save one, on a special ticket) and if you travel like we do, for museums and historical sites, this is definitely the best value for money. Individually, the sites feel a bit overpriced; on a collective ticket, it's actually very inexpensive.

Some highlights:

- some spiffy new Weird Things For Your Entertainement (cactus liqueur, anybody?)
- three new UNESCO World Heritage Sites to notch on our metaphorical UNESCO belts
- a brief encounter with a British WWII veteran in the war museum from Northumberland (the Durham light infantry) who told a great anecdote about a guy he knew while serving who could dissassemble his motorcycle and reassemble it drunk or blindfolded
- sunset on the ferry between Malta and one of the other two islands, Gozo (which is a fabulous name for an island)
- a chat with a local lady, originally from Libya, on the bus, when she told us that a man whose fabulous silk shirt we were admiring is a bit of a local celebrity for the way he cuts a rug at Carnival
- a lunch with three different kinds of sheep cheese

and much more!

See you soon from snowy Scotland, with photos to accompany more reflections!

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