10 January 2010

Home again!

Justin and I are back safe and sound from Malta. This means in addition to irritating everybody who's been living through this winter's Big Freeze with our tales of 65 degree and sunny weather, we will also irritate everybody who got delayed, rerouted, rescheduled, or cancelled in this winter's European airport goatrope. Four flights at Christmas, plus two flights this weekend, and we were never seriously affected.

If it helps - our apartment is only slightly above freezing, and will remain so for the next few days while the radiators struggle to heat the place. Also, at least one radiator is broken. I have to keep rubbing my fingers together to type. I feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder on a laptop.

Hopefully we'll get some fun blog posts up about our trip from a warm location sometime tomorrow and this week. We do go back to classes Monday, which may delay things a bit.

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