13 January 2010

Segway Segue

Wow, even I'm a little ashamed of that pun.

Anyway--we interrupt your regularly scheduled program of Maltese prehistory to bring you . . . Nana and Justin riding Segways!

On our last day in Malta, the local Segway dealer (did you know such a thing existed?) descended on a small classic car show with some demo models. (Don't worry, Herr Kessler--we'll post the photos of all the old cars and buses!)

If you know us at all, you know we couldn't resist.

The things are surprisingly fun to ride, and they're so responsive it's almost disorienting. I mean, you barely have to move at all to get it going. But it will always be hard to overlook how silly people look on them. There's just something ludicrous about moving while standing perfectly still.

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