19 July 2010

Library Cat

Library Cat is a black cat, perhaps a stray, who lives near the Newington Public Library. When the weather is nice, the staff props the doors open for ventilation, and Library Cat wanders into the library looking for skritches. I still don't know if Library Cat is a boy or girl, but he/she and I hit it off the other week when I would scratch, and Library Cat would blissfully sink his or her claws into the carpet and pull himself/herself out of scratching range, and then glare at me until I got up and moved back into petting range, rinse and repeat.

I petted Library Cat today while working on my dissertation at the library, and Library Cat, being the sort of educated and erudite cat who likes to hang out in free public book-lending venues, decided to hop up on the table and take a look at my work, while (not coincidentally) getting closer to my hand, in case I should be overwhelmed with the urge to pet something:

Clearly Library Cat was unimpressed with my work, and felt that petting it would be a much better use of my time. In fact, when Library Cat felt I was wasting too much time on academic pursuits, he/she quickly made his/her feelings felt by sitting on my laptop:

When I am editing my final draft and find "#9999999999999999999999999999" somewhere in the paper, I'll know that was the contribution of Library Cat's butt.

(Sorry for the picture quality - I took them on my cell phone and the glass covering the lens is cracked).

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  1. OMG I had a library cat!!! the year I was in the UK, but down in the Cotswolds so it's probably not the same one. But he/she often hung out with me in the school's library and I took photos of cat on my lap and snuck them sausages from dining hall when I could. yay library cats!