04 July 2010

More Wolfy Goodness

Our beloved Edinburgh Wolves won again today, defeating the Clyde Valley Blackhawks 7-0 on a defensive touchdown - Clyde Valley fumbled near their own 1 yard line, and Edinburgh recovered for the touchdown and the win. Not exactly an offensive struggle, but I think our QB is injured, and win is a win! At 5-2, the Wolves are on top of their division and on pace to make the playoffs. Their final home game is next Sunday. Will Justin and I be there? Do you even have to ask? Besides, we've developed a bit of a reputation with the announcer guys. We couldn't let them down!

More amusing notes about today's game: we met some Scottish guys who had brought an American flag to the game to take a picture, part of a scavenger hunt for their Fourth of July party tomorrow. (Why are they having a Fourth of July party? No clue. Perhaps it involves sticking it to England.) They apparently have to find/photograph something to represent each of the 50 states as part of the hunt. Some are easy, like nutmeg for Connecticut. Others are slightly harder - like, say, North Dakota.

We pitched in, of course. We had met a girl from Missouri who let them photograph her driver's license, and I offered a ticket stub from a screening of the X-Files movie from when I visited my sister in Georgia, and we did an O-H-I-O cheer for my beloved home state (v. appropriate for a football game!)

Some hot photographs of today's game action (photographs shamelessly stolen from friend Grant's Facebook album):

A pretty good crowd, considering the game was up against the Germany-Argentina World Cup Semifinal:

What's that? A mascot?

Heck yeah!

If you're in town, join us next week! And as always, LET'S GO WOLVES!

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  1. Don't forget--the Scottish guys also had us sign their flag!