07 July 2010

The Shorkneys Food Update: Bannock Badges???

Thanks to my mom for this amazing heads up: apparently the Canadian Brownies used to offer a Girl Scout (Girl Guides, in Canada) badge in Bannock Making! Further evidence of the strong historical Canadian-Scottish connection?

Check out the badge! (Note: not my image, stolen from the web site cited below)

It is a cryptic image of a pan over a fire. This explains my mom's story, in which she could never get anybody to tell her what a bannock was (in those pre-internet times!), making it basically impossible to figure out how to earn the badge. Which is a shame, because according to this website, the badge stopped being offered 1995, which means I totally could have earned it. Now I know, but alas, too late!

Side note: Just visited the Girl Guides of Canada web site for my first stop to look for the badge. When did Brownie badges get so freaking hideous? Give me the classic gold-on-brown over those Nickelodeon nightmares any day!

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